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Established by Satyug Darshan Trust in its Vasundhara campus, Dhyan-Kaksh is a marvel of the modern architect and is also known as the School of Equanimity and Even-Sightedness. Inaugurated on 26 January 2014, the science of inner dimensions is taught through a systematic process of meditation from here. The establishment of Dhyan-Kaksh is a symbol of the Golden Era, i.e. Satyug and pride of humanity.

Inside Dhyan-Kaksh

At Dhyan-Kaksh, one is groomed as per moral characteristics of an ideal human being to mentally perform righteous conduct and ethos to be eligible to do work with selflessness. So that their instinct – memory, and intelligence become pure. Thereby remaining free from the result of karma and three taap one can live their life meaningfully to obtain salvation.

Here one is introduced with their immanent power of wisdom and virtues, especially while doing one’s duties truthfully by remaining identic on their basic dharma in this mundane world. Thus their spiritual power is not to be weakened when facing challenging worldly circumstances. Also by keeping faith in the eternity of soul and Supreme Soul, the eternity of life and values one can self-dependently become a gentle person with confidence.

Purpose of opening Dhyan-Kaksh

The primary purpose of opening this school is to motivate today’s people of Kalyug to shed their sinful emotional-behavioral indulgence and to become a person of Satyug, i.e. the Golden era by adopting satyugian code of conduct. By truthfully standing on one’s basic dharma they themselves become capable of attaining inner peace resulting in beings with high intellect and high thinking. Hence in the interest of the moral progress of society, one becomes benevolent and attains everlasting glory by doing selfless righteous deeds.

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