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राम नौमी यज्ञ उत्सव 13-17 अप्रैल को मनाया जा रहा है। आप सब सादर आमंत्रित है। | राम नौमी यज्ञ उत्सव 13-17 अप्रैल को मनाया जा रहा है। आप सब सादर आमंत्रित है। | राम नौमी यज्ञ उत्सव 13-17 अप्रैल को मनाया जा रहा है। आप सब सादर आमंत्रित है ।

Symbol of Oneness


School of Equanimity and Even-Sightedness

In the midst of calm, serene and pollution-free campus, the magnificent Dome-shaped, School of Equanimity & Even-sightedness, is an unprecedented and unique architectural marvel, surrounded by a water body. The main gate of Dhyan Kaksha is preceded by seven other gates. These seven gates are symbolic of humane virtues i.e contentment, endurance, truthfulness, righteousness, equanimity, selflessness & benevolence respectively. The purpose of these sequential gates is to help a person introspect the level of virtues needed to become a real human being.

Symbol of Oneness


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Message for the society from Dhyan-Kaksh

Keeping in view the present period, when Kalyug is retreating, and Satyug is arriving, Dhyan-Kaksh is calling every person to adopt satyugian ethics and code of conduct for keeping their thoughts, speech and vision in the state of unity and oneness to restore everlasting peace on earth.

How Dhyan-Kaksh can bring change in society

By practicing the teachings of Dhyan-Kaksh about equanimity and even-sightedness, every person can be a stoic win the mundane world by controlling his mind and senses and by remaining equal in the state of sorrow or happiness and loss or gain.

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Dhyankaksh Classes

Views by eminent personalities about Dhyan-Kaksh
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
    Former President of India

    "I am pleased to know about the inauguration of the School of Equanimity and Even-sightedness by Satyug Darshan Trust in Faridabad. Since every Human being is unique and has the capability to reflect this uniqueness for the betterment of the society, I hope this school would help to harness this potential in future generations to bring about peace on earth. The real joy of living is in communion with the inner God to become a virtuous and true symbol of humanity."

    Sh. Pranab Mukherjee
    Former President of India

    "India has always been known to be the land of spirituality which has produced great spiritual leaders and philosophers who have shown the path of idealism and peace to the world.
    I would like to congratulate Satyug Darshan Trust for this exceptional effort to launch a school of Equanimity for the world to establish virtues in mankind. I am sure within no time, the teachings from this school would spread across the world for universal peace for mankind."

    Mr. M Hamid Ansari
    Former Vice President of India

    "It is a matter of great pride to know that constitution of humanity in the form of principles of equanimity would be taught to the masses from this meditation centre. Meditation is a great tool to help every human being retain and exhibit Godly virtues in the entire life to successfully discharge the duty in every sphere of life.
    I must congratulate the members of Satyug Darshan Trust for their effort in this direction and wish them the very best."


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